Recipe for Successful Event Planning

There are a million details that need to be considered when you are an event planner. Whether you are doing day of coordination for a wedding, planning a birthday party for a one-year-old or putting together a gala for a business, it is always a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, most people in this industry love what they do, because otherwise they would rip all their hair out!

When it comes to event planning there are always different things that need to be done according to the specific event. To make your life easier, just follow these useful steps.

Step 1: The Goal

You always need to ask yourself what is the purpose of the event? Is it a small or large scale event? A family reunion will be a very different party than a graduation or a business meeting. Once you have figured out the size and the purpose of the event you can have an overall image of the amount of work that needs to be put in.

Of course, all throughout planning the event you must have one goal in mind: to make your guests happy and plan a kick ass event for them.

Step 2: My Favorite – Make a Checklist!

I am all about lists and writing things down. I have a calendar and just about a million notebooks. It is so useful to have everything lined out for you. A checklist enables you to have a visual on all the things you need to do as well as a timeline on when to accomplish each task. It also helps you stay organized which is something we all need!

Step 3: Your Budget

I never suggest to cheap out because of a budget but you always have to have that number in mind. Going over budget is not an option so you need to adequately place your money towards expenses and make them worth every penny.

Step 4: Communication

Communication in any relationship is key. Since you are working for someone else when putting together an event, there are always things you must comply to. But communicate whenever you have questions or concerns, and if need be put your foot down when you feel is right. They will respect that from you, and in turn you won’t get walked all over.

Step 5: Positive Vibes

As much as it may get stressful at times and you may wonder why you would ever put yourself through it, just keep your calm. If you are a miserable event planner, you can bet no one will hire you. So follow your checklist, have a clear goal in mind and think of the end product. You will inevitably create a beautiful event that will leave everlasting memories for many.  

One last tip: Go beyond the expectations of your clients, that will not only make them happy but you will also be satisfied knowing you pulled off the best event ever!

By: Isabella Noubani



Create the perfect home office

By: Kristen Vanderwerff - Polished on Purpose. 

Coco Chanel once said, “An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” It’s important to create a space that you enjoy, especially if you are working from home where you spend the majority of your time. You cannot work effectively at a desk that doesn’t inspire you. Imagine how much more work you'd get done if you were surrounded by your own beautiful space all day! 

The picture above is my current home office. Having a quality laptop is super important to me, and Apple is the best option for me from functionality to aesthetics. My to-do list/planner is a key item in my workday. I'm definitely one of those people that likes to write things down, and having a planner really keeps me on track. Check out my favorite planner here. Inspirational phrases are always great, too! Marshall's, Ross, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx are my favorite places to get little adornments for my office. They are usually at a great price, too! 

Tons of people have asked me about how to make a home office like mine. A few people have said they could only wish to have a space like mine, and the best part is they can! A quick trip to IKEA and Home Goods will solve the problem, trust me! I promise you it's possible to completely update your home office for less than $300. Let me show you how. 

White Desk/Shelf - IKEA - $104 - Without forking over an arm and a leg, this desk is super beautiful. The white finish is shiny and creates a beautiful modern feel for my office. Even better, it can be attached to a shelving unit that houses 8 square baskets and is absolutely stunning!

Lamp - Target - $79.99 - This lamp has done me solid for almost 3 years. It's decently sturdy, incredibly beautiful, and you can even dim the light! I would say this is one of my best buys from Target for sure! 

Steelseries Mousepad - $7.39 - This wouldn't have been my first option by the looks of it, but it's large, works great, and is listed for an awesome price! 

Rain Design mstand - $43 - If you have a separate monitor, this laptop stand is a must! It lifts it up high enough so your laptop and monitor are about at the same height. It also makes scrolling between two screens much easier! 

Utensil Spinning Caddy - TJ Maxx - $7.99

Coffee Cup - Hobby Lobby - $11.99

Glass Quote Tray - Marshall's - $3.99

Grand Total: $258.35

Of course, you'll need to add your own laptop, monitors, keyboard, and mouse, but as far as design goes, this is it! Not too difficult, right? Take this weekend to update your space and post it on Instagram for everyone to see!

Don't forget to tag @polishedonpurpose #popPerfectOffice!

By: Kristen Vanderwerff